Trail Rides

We offer guided trail rides on our rescue horses.

Our Residential Services

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General repairs

Ride through Canada's only desert on our rescue horses in humane gear.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED as we only saddle up the horses for bookings.  We believe it is unkind to leave them saddled and tied all day.


1 hour rides: $75 pus tax per person

90 minute rides: $95 plus tax per person

2 hour rides: $125 plus tax per person


9 am, 11:30 am, and 6 pm July and August

Custom ride times available outside peak season (Sept-Nov, Apr-June)

Spring (April-June), 9am-5pm. Please contact.

Fall (September-November), 10am-4pm. Please contact.

Horse Welfare

The welfare and care of our horses is the most important part of our business. 

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Our Employees

All our horses will be with us for life  or retired to a sanctuary. They are not  discarded when they are no longer "useful".

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Horse Rescue

We actively support horse rescue and have adopted several horses through Horses For Humanity Foundation. 

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