Our Team

...otherwise known as "The Unicorns"


Standardbred- 11 yrs old

We purchased Walter off the track where he raced as a pacer.  He has some amazing relatives in his blood lines and has won more than a few races.  He came to us as his groom thought it was time for him to "be a horse".  He is happy in his new & undemanding career as our resident happy guy. His favorite thing is having his forehead tickled.


CEO/Appaloosa- 20 yrs old

This guy has never had a hard day in his life.  He was purchased as a 3 year old as Dave's personal riding horse.  He has won many ribbons competing in endurance style races. His favorite things are pears, apples and carrots


Quarter Horse- 21 yrs old

Dakota was used primarily as trail riding horse. He is very calm and experienced under saddle. He arrived extremely overweight and in need of a fitness program. He loves food.  All food.  His passion is food. 


Quarter Horse- 18 yrs old

Sherry purchased Roy from a situation where he was roughly handled and fearful of people. 10 years later and with plenty of TLC he has become a people lover.  He is also Sherry's personal riding horse, but she usually shares him with guests.  His nicknames are Mr. Namaste & Cuddles.  He loves carrots

*****5 star ultimate beginner horse!


Appaloosa- 9 yrs old

Reno was purchased as a non-rescue.  We were seeking a horse that was ready for anybody to ride that would fit in with the rest of the crew.  He is a lovely boy with a lot more "whoa than go".  He loves people and meal times. 


Quarter Horse- 19 yrs old

Jack was an owner-surrender to The Humanity for Horses Rescue.  He needed some good nutrition and hoof care to become the lovely boy he has become.  He loves people and going for walks....sounds more like dog than a horse.  lol


Appaloosa- 17 yrs old

Mick was purchased at an auction, saved from slaughter. He needed rehabilitative work done to his neglected hooves and some convincing that people can be kind.  Can you believe he didn't know what a carrot was for?!?!  He is now doing very well, enjoying his work and eating carrots!


Quarter Pony 9 yrs old

The newest addition to our family.  Cooper came from a home where he was underutilized.  We were happy to put him to work, but not as happy as he is.  Cooper loves people, carrots, but especially, people and carrots. 


The Boss

Very experienced horseman with a kooky sense of humor.


The Other Boss

Another very experienced horse-person, also with a kooky sense of humor